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5 Best Dating Themes and Plugins for WordPress

If you want to keep users WP roles, you have just to check the option in the general tab. Option in Admin part to block sending messages by a specific member.

Plugin Description


Account in WordPress will still exists. The Administrator can access to all the Dashboard Rencontre menu. I asked about the video chat information and never got a response on that but, for the most part, it was a waste of time trying to get it to work.

This was a bad experience! There is NO full and Functional Tutorial for Rencontre exists, including premium Membership and price plan configuration. Moreover, Design and Graphics of Rencontre is really needs improvements in its button , fields, images and graphical design etc. La nouvelle version fonctionne bien, mais plusieurs éléments nous posent question: Comment actualiser ces changements?

A great script that works and that does what it needs to do. Although some of the documentation needs some work with regard to English I have both this version and the premium version running on my website. You can customize the layout and css without problems. There is of course room for improvement in the admin section, but the author created a nice menu item in the admin section for the script.

I would recommend the script, support is good and once you pass the learning curve you will have no problems. The following people have contributed to this plugin. Thank you to the translators for their contributions. Czech , English US , and Swedish.

Translate into your language. Donate to this plugin. The features are as follows: Internationalization Rencontre is currently translated in: Screenshots Visitor's home page when not connected - Theme Twenty seventeen The home page of a connected member - Theme Twenty thirteen Visitor's home page when not connected - Theme Twenty fifteen Administration of available profiles. Registration and connection statistics.

Secundo not required For visitors not connected, you can view thumbnails and small profile of the last registered members: See FAQ for differents options. Select one or more of these possibilities: Install a specific plugin like baw-login-logout-menu. Use the widget from another plugin BBPress has one. Add this small code in your header. Quinto Register as a member Admin is not a Rencontre member: Click Register, add login and email.

Do you have members? Are you on the right page? There is no obligation of answer on the support. Send beautiful emails with the WordPress Email Templates plugin.

Creates a page to use in place of wp-login. Chat and Webcam Chat has no memory. If the user refresh the page, he lose the historic. You cannot display the content of a conversation in the Admin side. Webcam is not a real streaming but an emulation. The display is refreshed a bit more than every second.

Streaming is not possible on a simple shared hosting without third party. HTTPS is mandatory in most case to use the webcam. You can change the chat beep: Create two audio files named bip. Geolocation Geolocation is used to set the GPS location of the user.

It works with all devices but: You need to create a Facebook application in your Facebook account. That will give you a ID. All details are in the Facebook documentation. PHP in your theme best solution for integrator: How to show only the girls in un-logged homepage There are four categories differentiated by a different class CSS: To see only the heterosexual girls, add in the CSS file of your theme: Then, the site changes language back and front office: User registration Registration is divided in two part: With the fast registration option: You have 3 days to complete your account and validate your email to be unlimited.

How to add profil search in search tab like quick search This is a Premium option. The number of items that can be added is unlimited. The automatic sending of emails There are two various types of email: They give the informations since the precedent regular email.

They are sending every month or 15 or 7 days. One serie during the maintenance hour and another serie the hour after. They just give a instant information contact request, message in box, smile. There is a sending per hour except during regular emails period. Only one email per person per hour. Display a search form for unconnected member home page for example nb: From 0 to Rencontre can be used as widget rencInitHook: Executed after init and before Rencontre rencImgSize — args array — return args array: Change default profile images size.

Executed when user is deleted himself or admin rencUserDelMailContent — args array — return args array: Bonjour, nous utilisons ce plugin en version premium mais avons dû réinstaller notre site sur un nouvel emplacement. Fix some issues with the chat. Option to hide contact request. Option to display only members from my country in my home page. Idem for summary email. Ability to add a custom chat beep see FAQ. Fix onLine time issue. Fix issue with IPV6 in the dashboard Member tab.

Fix report display in the dashboard Member tab. Add user deletion reason. Remove zoombox lines in rencontre. Remove Rencontre Widget Creates confusion on new install. Improve user profile synchro after change by Admin: Fix activation and installation issues.

Update country and region default list. Fix error with region in search. Fix error when reset password. Fix EXIF error when not implemented. Fix photo profile issue with some themes. Update photo libre when changed. New update DBIP sept Checkbox in a button style jquery-labelauty. Fix empty region warning. Add size image hook see FAQ. Add Swahili language — thanks to Kenneth Longo Mlelwa. Add Turkish language — thanks to Cise Candarli.

Fix JS error onmouseover in unconnected home page. Improve page loading speed by removing a slow query. Month in string in place of number. Add Dutch language — thanks to Martin Zaagman. Rencontre menu items in WordPress menu are available from all the site. New shortcode for Registration Form on the main page see screenshots theme Fix issue with my locked member list.

Fix back-line issue in my ad. Fix error with bip. CSS and JS files only loaded when needed. Add geolocation see FAQ. Add option to remove inactive accounts from one year. Add option to Prohibit homosexual types. Remove option that prevents user to delete his account. Fix issue in message list.

Improve the efficiency of cities search. Fix online issue on portrait. Fix no homosexual in search. Display a no result text if no result on search.

Set default agemin agemax on search. Set my country in search. Improve search display on small screen. Add option to force HTML in email when not readable. Fix some errors with PHP 7. Display an install how-to if no member in base. Fix error in registration part4 submission. Fix some other bugs. Add default content in Happy birthday email.

Rencontre menu positioned higher. The style of the submit buttons becomes that of the activated theme: Overhaul of the code — Creation 26 Templates files. Admin Dashboard with tabs to be more readable. GoogleMap API key is now needed. Facebook Graph API upgrade v2. Fix an issue in the message page that can cause CPU overload.

Fix image rotation issue on IOS. The messages sent are displayed in italic in Inbox. Blocked member cannot send message issue. New update DBIP dec Add redirection option after login. Fix an issue with the auto deletion in fast registration that remove partially users. Fix a pagination issue in the online page. Fix issues in conversation list. Fix issues in CSV and updates. Auto load country DB on a new installation. Admin can validate the email of a fast registration user. Fix a bug in profil with custom gender.

New field in profile creation: Option to use the Rencontre user picture as WordPress avatar. Add the options weight in pounds and size in feets and inches. Ability to remove a member in WordPress case WP role not destroy. Dating online has increased tremendously in recent years. Which means new opportunities to meet people, acquaintances and maybe a partner for life.

Unfortunately, I found no free alternative. Do you know any please leave a comment. All themes and plugin includes tons of necessary features and tools to create a fully featured dating website. Choose a WordPress theme or plugin that suitable for your new dating website and launch your dating website.

Love Story is a WordPress theme created specifically for any dating or community website. It is a elegant and beautiful theme with a lot of features included.

How about theme options panel, membership settings. Chat messages, private messages, membership fees, extended profiles, Facebook login integration plus much more.

Sweet Date is an extremely flexible and powerful WordPress theme. It is built for all kind of dating or community websites. Premium Press have created the perfect dating theme for WordPress. It comes just packed with features to setup a great dating website.

Sweet Date

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