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Nos lumières et nos ombres … Arles sous un soleil écrasant, délivrant ses secrets photographiques comme autant de poupées russes. Fonctionnalités Musique publicite site de rencontre Rencontre de femme asiatique en france Présentation et fonctionnalités Se connecter aux pages de membre.

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The only problem is choosing between wild plum, bitter almond, or peach. Here, the iconic publisher not only has a bookshop, but also a spa, Asian restaurant, and cinema Set off from the Place Genive and get lost in the winding streets of this attractive working class neighbourhood. Just what your Instagram needs. As evening begins, the only thing the banks of the Rhone are missing is you, a few friends, and a bottle of chilled Baux de Provence white The light is sublime, the temperature cooler, and the sky painted pink.

A brand new spot. A pool lined with loungers. Exactly what you need after running around all day snap-happy. See the antique theatre and Roman amphitheatre in a whole new light, as night falls. When the stars come out, the ancient stones light up and the town reveals its evening garb. This former site of SNCF garages is undergoing a radical transformation to play host to several of the Rencontres flagship exhibitions.

The editorial staff of France. Summer in Arles By La rédaction. What if the best art gallery in the world was a town in Provence? All summer, until 27 September, Rencontres Photographiques will be inviting us to explore the pretty little streets of Arles.

And what with exhibitions and cocktails, traditional markets and trendy open-air cafés, your visit is only just beginning. See it before it disappears: Start your day like a local at the Saturday morning market.

To stop you melting: Try the Actes Sud bookshop. Take a Street Art tour: Lounge around with a picnic: Trisha Ziff, who was the person behind the retrieval of the treasure, is showing her moving film about the adventures of that suitcase at the opening of the Rencontres at the Roman Theatre.

Roger Thérond died in June They represent the new generation of curators, publishers, and collectors. It has been the occasion of invitations to Arles for more than 50 nominators over the years and their extremely varied selections demonstrate just how wide the field of photography has become.

It is very clear, looking at the exhibition of prize-winning artists, that, though they were often encountered at Arles when they were on their way up, they have all achieved considerable fame. One of them, Wang Qingsong, prizewinner in , is representative of the great movement in Chinese photography that has been very present at Arles in recent years. The performance-fresco he is exhibiting is 42 metres ft long. The Rencontres programme is studded with many other exhibitions, projections, seminars, discussions, and courses and, as always at Arles, it is enriched by all the parallel initiatives that crop up.

The Méjan is keeping up its usual intense photographic activity with Actes Sud and, this year, with the Lambert Collection, too. And, doubtless, Arles will be the scene of all the usual unexpected events and happenings that delight us with their spontaneity and their militancy. For ten years, confronted by what may sometimes have seemed delicate, not to say esoteric, selections and non-academic displays, some people have regularly questioned whether photography has had its day.

To which, a resounding no. It has never been more dynamic, diverse or significant. Its territory shifts, it acquires ever more tools, and the number of people interested in it or who practise it is increasing exponentially.

According to a French Ministry of Culture survey, photography has become the first cultural activity for French people. Along with our partners from the public and the private sectors, we cordially thank all those visitors, whether professionals, hobbyists, or students, that we meet in ever-increasing numbers each year.

Such large numbers are proof of the respect we owe those who have made the difficult choice of being artists. This statute, far from putting them on the margins, puts them at the very centre of society. They are the independent observers of it — its first critics.

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